The children like to have snacks during their evening time and at special events of family, and one of the best meals is chocolate chip cookie which can be made and served in few hours. Snacks are refreshments to everyone, and so the parents must give a healthy snack to their child rather than giving packed items that bought from supermarkets. The homemade meals are mostly healthy one, and these snacks can be stored for many days in kitchen and parents can give a considerable amount of snacks to their children daily, and it will not get rotten soon.

The most famous homemade snacks

Granola bars is one of the homes made snacks that can be created with children’s during their summer holidays and this encourages the children’s extracurricular activities rather than playing in the hot summer. The granola bars are made of oats which helps to reduce the lousy cholesterol, and after adding the dried cranberries to the bar it sweetens the snacks, and this can be substitute snack for diabetes persons rather than eating pastries and donuts. The next healthy snack is kale chips, and everyone should try this recipe even at once in a home because this recipe is entirely vegetarian made and it provides the essential nutrients those who are eating this snack. Popcorn is all time favorite for everyone because it is easy to make in the home using a microwave oven and can eat this snack while watching movies with family in the house and the children will be very amused to eat the popcorn.

How to prepare chocolate chip cookie

Before making the chocolate chip one must know the ingredients to be used at a right mixture, and one must take two cups of flour with a small amount of baking soda and salt and a considerable amount of melted butter.

The white sugar is must in the recipe which sweetens the snack, and one must take the vanilla extract and one or two eggs with the two cups of homemade chocolate chips.

Then start mixing the flour, and baking soda and salt in a bowl later then add melted butter and white sugar and mix it rapidly until those get blended in the flour.

Then add vanilla extract and egg yolks to the mixture that we did and break the chocolate chips into small pieces and add it to the mix and stir it well using a wooden spoon.

Then place the dough in the ovens with minimum heat temperature and set the timer to 15 to 20 minutes and after completion of the oven process, serve these healthy nutrients snacks to the kids at evening time.

Always use the fresh butter in this recipe because it is a crucial ingredient and never use butter substitutes in the recipe and it will not give the same taste like butter. And don’t melt the butter too liquid and after melting the butter at medium temperature and provide some time for the butter to come to the cooling state and then you can add sugar to it and try not to overheat the cookies in the oven also.