Many people have a mindset that cooking is the very difficult task to do, and also they think only professional chefs can cook and deliver a delicious meal. Yes,not everyone can cook, and all people must have the cooking knowledge in the home because it will be handy when you go abroad , or if you want to impress some guests or even just your date. The most of the college students who are studying in another state rather than their own state, they cook daily because it will be more expensive when they eat in the restaurants all time. Self-cooking helps to obtain patience and it can be your stress reliever because when you are cooking your mind and heart will be coordinated and this helps you to have distance from the worries.

Spaghetti with Spinach

spinach spaghetti

You can learn self-cooking by watching famous cooking shows on the television, or you can buy a cookbook written by your favorite chef. There are many food items which can be done by you without asking others help and they are Spaghetti with Spinach, the preparation for this is very simple. And the procedure is take the fry pan place it on the stove at medium heat and spread the cooking oil on the surface and add spinach and cook it for 3 minutes and extracts the water in it. Then take eggs in a bowl and stir it well with ricotta, salt, the boiled spinach mix, pepper and cheese. Add this mixture to the already cooked pasta, and put it all together in the oven and bake it 20 minutes and you can serve this to your friends in a warm mode which will be delicious to eat. Like this food item you can also make espresso, tomato sauce, spinach salads by yourself quickly and for preparing all these, you can use essential cooking ingredients at home.

Benefits of Home Cooking

The first advantage of self-cooking is you can make your family healthy one because you will cook at the instant in a home and deliver it to the home members which will be very tasty. In most of the hotels they will keep the food items in the freezer, and if the customer asks any particular dish they will take from the fridge and they will heat it and serve to the client and most of the time the food that is served is not really fresh. When you started to know the basics of cooking, you will know all ingredients that are in the kitchen, and so you will know which ingredient to use, and how much to use, etc. This will be very helpful in saving the raw food materials at home because many are wasting those raw food items by adding it in higher proportion in the cooking and finally the meal becomes a non-eatable one. Self-cooking is a skill which will be helpful through in your lifetime and often cooking makes you a professional cooking expert among the family members.