Preserve the food products from spoilage by using refrigerator as it reduces the rate of food products being decayed so you no need to waste the food unnecessarily for that you should not dump everything inside the fridge as to maintain it properly you need to store the food products in the correct manner. You can’t blindly place the food products in the fridge that causes spoilage and ends up the multiplication of harmful bacteria.

  • Storing the food products in the fridge by arranging it in any manner will not yield better results so only there are many racks provided in it.
  • Almost all the refrigerators were designed with three shelves, doors, a crisper drawer and a freezer.

You can arrange the condiments, juices and other food products that can withstand in the temperature fluctuations in the shelves of the fridge doors as it is the warmest part of the refrigerator and it is not advisable to keep the eggs and dairy products because the doors may be warm as it will be opened often this can affect these kind of products that results in manipulating bacteria.

You can make use of the upper and middle shelves to store the food which are ready to eat because it is with consistent temperatures so you can keep dairy products, leftovers, cooked meats, salads and packaged foods also the herbs can be fresh by placing it in any vessels filling with water and covering it loosely with plastic bags for contamination purpose whereas you can preserve the raw meat, seafood and eggs by storing it in lower shelves as the lower holds the coldest temperature that prevents the spreading of bacteria to other parts.

Crisper drawers maintains the moist condition that helps to conserve the vegetables and fruits but don’t create a mess up by keeping both veggies and fruits together just keep them separately. The foods for later use will be frozen by storing it in the freezer through packing with plastic bags or containers and only you can store few things as its storage capacity is minimal.

Tips for food hygiene while storing in refrigerator

We are storing the foods in fridge for freshness and to preserve from getting rotten also it protects from the manipulation of bacteria in order to achieve this the temperature of the fridge should set in the temperature between o to 5 degree Celsius as this slows down the spoilage of food. Check out the foods stored in the fridge periodically because if it get outdated then consuming it will be dangerous to health. Never keep your fridge overloaded with high temperature because it blocks the air circulation inside the fridge that leads to decaying of foods soon. While loading the new stock place it behind the old stock so you won’t forget any product you stored and you will use it before it gets expired. Place the foods with suitable containers for chilling for proper conservation.