Now when you wish to have a Napoli Pizza margarita, then you don’t want to go out for having it. Right from the home you can able to prepare and surprise your beloved once when you know the perfect recipe of the dish that you are making. When you added the correct level of the ingredients then the taste of the pizza would come out well. If you tasted one piece then you would like to have another. Once when you become well versed then without thinking about anything you can arrange for some party during the weekends and have lot of fun with them.

The ingredients that are needed for you to prepare the pizza is as follows

  • You have to take the flour that too 875 g.
  • Then to make your pizza fresh there is a need for the fresh yeast 1.5 kg.
  • You are in need of cold water 500 ml.
  • Then for the tomato sauce you can try out with the Italian tinned tomatoes 400 g.
  • The salt is required based on your taste and your wish.
  • You also need some clean basil half a handsome which would add some taste to your food.

Then for toppings you can add some of

the magical ingredients which really surprise the person for whom you serve.

  • For topping you can make use of the grated Parmesan then there is a need of fior de latte or usual mozzarella, for decorating them you can cut into cubes.
  • You can also make use of the olive oil and a gulg for the top.
  • Then you can also make use of fresh basil with four leaves for each pizza.

pizza margherita

It is the time for you to start preparing your pizza

To start up the process first you have to mix the flour into a big mixing bowl and then create a crater in center when you do that you can able to look as like Mount Vesuvius. Then melt the yeast in the stream and there you have to pour it into the middle of your crater. Then you have to push your flour and if it reaches the consistency level then you have to add up the ingredients along with that. In the clean surface you have to kindly dough for 20 minutes then leave it aside for few minutes as such.

Then compact those into a ball and then you have to leave these to rest on a large tray and chopping board under a sheet of cling film. Then you can make use of the naples, rolling them out of cardinal sin and make use of the rolling pin if you are doing for the first time.

After that you have to heat the bottom of the pizza and then you have to add the toppings and then turn the oven on a full blast and heat properly. Now when everything is ready add the topping and serve the guest with the smile in your face sure they would feel so happy after having that.

Here is a video of the famous cook Genaro preparing the classic pizza Margarita. Enjoy!