Cooking is not an easiest task as you think and you must follow some effective tips when you are looking to prepare tasty and healthy food. If you are willing to follow healthy diet then you must prepare more meals at your home. Cooking your own meal might allow you to control portion size and saves your money. In case you are a beginner to prepare food, you must know about certain basic things such as dicing, slicing and chopping. As everyone knows fresh pancakes are fun and delicious one.

Basic Cooking Hacks

cooking hacks

In case you are a newbie to cook food then you must follow some effective tips such as:

  • Freeze banana in order to use as the base for healthy ice cream
  • Mix pancake better in the plastic bag for saving time
  • Try to cut softer foods by using dental floss
  • Cook up sufficient food for certain days on Sunday and store it in fridge
  • Dry out herb in microwave
  • Weave bacon strips into the square shape and bake it in oven
  • If you are looking to create perfect poached eggs, you must keep eggs in the consistent shape when you are boiling it in the water. In order to keep consistent shape of the egg white, you must soak eggs in the white vinegar for few minutes.
  • The fish might tend to stick and break up when it is placed on grill. Just put fish on top of the lemon slice and grill it so it can provide tasty flavor.
  • Creating hash browns could be difficult task but if you are following some effective tips then you can make delicious hash brown. Throw hash brown on the waffle iron and slam it shut.
  • In case you are willing to make salad then you must chop whole bunch of the cherry tomatoes in half. You are recommended to trap tomatoes between two plates and slice it through with the knife.
  • Bacon is cooked more evenly in oven when compared to fry in the pan. You can weave it into the square shape because it could be the best shape for sandwiches.
  • Boiled eggs are difficult to peel sometimes. However week old egg is the best one to eat and it is completely easy to peel. Make sure that you are buying eggs in well advance.
  • Baked treats might tend to acquire dry fairly. One of the best ways to combat it is that keep it in the plastic container along with the apple slice that is useful to preserve moisture.
  • In case you are willing to add fresh herb to meals then you might stock up on the herbs and chop it and put it in the ice cube tray.
  • People might often view pancake as the dirty pleasure but you might make diet friendly and healthy pancake by using oat flower, almond milk, protein powder, different kinds of the fruit and other kinds of healthy ingredients.

You can check out more cooking hacks in the video below.