Hamilton Beach Ice Maker Review

hamilton beach review


Introducing the Hamilton Beach PIM 2-3 A Ice Maker


The Hamilton Beach PIM 2-3a ice maker is a great machine with a good appliance that stores your drinks cool during hot summer. The machine makes 9 ice cubes in a minute and can produce around 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours. It has a highly efficient compressor which is designed in a way that it stays longer with quiet operation. It can produce 2 different sizes of ice cubes. The machine also has a continuous supply of ice cubes that are ready anytime you need to entertain your friends and family. Thus, the machine is worthy of purchase.

The compressor that has high efficiency is designed in a way that it operates while quiet and is of long life. It contains indicators which alerts you when you need to add water or when the ice basket is full. This ice maker machine is made out of stainless steel.
Hamilton Beach Company has machines that are designed in a way that they are very attractive in the market and creates ice cubes very quickly in a short while.



  • Easy to clean because it is stainless steel. This helps to reduce time wastage as well as enhancing production of clean ice cubes.
  • Faster in making ice. It can produce 9 ice cubes in 7 minutes and 26 pounds in a day.
  • The machine is durable. This is made possible by using quality raw materials to make as well as trained personnel.
  • Efficient and quiet. The machine performs excellently and does not produce noise, therefore, it can be placed at any place without the concern about noise making.
  • The machine is available at affordable prices. This favorable price encourages ice cube makers to purchase them.


hamilton beach pros and cons




  • Do not start or stop automatically. Therefore, there is need of you being around the machine while making ice to control it.
  • Ice produced melts more quickly compared to that in a freezer.
  • The machine operator is required to remember to add water ones the indicator light for water signals the user.

Key Features – Why you Should Consider Buying this Icemaker?


• The ice maker has LED light indicators which signals you when the ice basket gets full, when you need to put more water and when the machine is producing ice.
• Has a capacity of 0.7 gallons of the water reservoir with a capacity of 2 lbs of ice.
• The machine is portable and has features of touch button which enables easy operation.
• The machine makes 9 ice cubes in a minute and can produce around 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours.
• The Hamilton Beach Portable Ice Maker comes in a black stainless steel made to match and satisfy any customer.
• It induces ice scoop.
It is justifiable that the machine works excellently, therefore, customers are encouraged to take a step and purchase the machine and you will have no regrets.


hamilton beach key features




• This ice maker is perfect for camping vacations, boat trips, and parties. Therefore, you are recommended to grab one and you will be good to go.
• Anyone can purchase the machine since it does not require skilled personnel to operate. Thus, it is said to be user-friendly.
• The machine can be used in any environment since it runs quietly. Therefore, cannot lead to noise pollution.

Hamilton Beach Customer Reviews


It works perfectly

“I like cold beverages. I don’t have an ice maker in my refrigerator. This bridges the gap well. There are only a few down sides. You have to find counter real estate for it. If you want the ice to stay separate in the freezer, you should give it a little shake every now and then, but I have read that this is pretty common and for me it is not a deal breaker, because I absolutely love this ice maker and will buy it again if I should.” David Sean

This machine is a very good and dependable ice maker

“This ice maker constantly produces great ice cubes, it’s easy to maintain. Add water and after a few minutes you have ice ready to use. The ice bucket comes out easily, so everything works great with the Hamilton Beach Ice maker.” Rose

Additional Tips

The machine is easy to operate as you only need to keep on checking the light indicators so that you can do as they command.It steadily and constantly produces good cubes which you can turn off and on when hamilton beach control panelyou need. It is also easy to put more water into the reservoir and the ice basket comes out and in easily. The setup is also pretty easy.It has a self cleaning mode, and the manual instructions are recommending to turn the self cleaning mode the first time you are using the machine.

The great thing about the Hamilton PIM 2-3 is that the whole process of ice cube making can be watched through the Viewing Window. The Control Panel of the Ice Maker is pretty easy to operate. It features :

  • Ice Storage Basket Full Indicator Light
  • Add Water Indicator Light
  • Power Indicator Light
  • On/Off Power Button

It is simple. Whichever indication light is on, you just empty the basket, or add water, it is that easy. That does not mean that you should not read the Instruction manual.


How to Clean the Hamilton Beach Icemaker?


hamilton beach self cleaning

This applies to all the kitchen gadgets you own, if you want them to last longer, you need to take good care of them. The proper maintenance and cleaning is a way to start. We recommend you to start by cleaning the outside of the icemaker. Do not submerge the unit into water and do not use abrasive cleaners. It is simple, just take a wet towel, and wipe the whole surface of the icemaker, and after that, repeat the process with a dry towel.During the cleaning process, make sure that the unit is unplugged.

After cleaning the outside, you should remove the ice bucket and the scoop, and clean them with a mild soap and warm water, to make sure that all the spots, stains or mineral deposits are removed. Rinse the ice bucket and the scoop and dry them thoroughly.

After this process is done, the last thing to do is clean the water reservoir. The important thong to remember is not to clean the metal fingers. Remove the cap of the Water Outlet and drain all the water. Use clean water and clean cloth to wipe down the reservoir. After the reservoir is cleaned and dry, put it back in the icemaker, replace the cap, put the ice bucket back, and yo are ready to make ice.


Self-cleaning Mode


It is recommended that you use this function before you start making ice with the Hamilton beach Ice maker. First thing you need to do, is add equal amount of water and vinegar into the reservoir and press the power button for 5 seconds until the self-cleaning mode is on. It is going to start after the beep sound. The cleaning cycle will repeat five times, and when finished, the self-cleaning mode will automatically shut off. This is stage one. After you complete it, start with stage two. Drain the water and vinegar that you put in stage one, and add only water to the max mark. 5 second press on the power button and the self-cleaning mode will turn on again, but this time, it is going to rinse the interior. After that, the self cleaning mode will turn off. Remove the cap, and the water will drain. After that, leave the cover of the icemaker open, so that the interior of the icemaker can dry.

Final Verdict


hamilton beach overall reviewThis machine is a fantastic choice if you are looking for an ice maker that is convenient, fast, steady supply of ice and also it is user-friendly because it is simple to operate, thus, anyone can use it.
It is evident that the Hamilton Beach PIM -2-3A Ice Maker is a machine that produces ice fast and efficiently and is capable of handling a wide ice demand.

If you are looking for an ice maker search no more because Hamilton Beach PIM -2-3A have a solution for you which best fits your taste and plans.The self cleaning mode and the quiet ice making are the two outstanding features this ice maker holds. Therefore, if you need ice on a hot summer day, do not hesitate to order this bad boy. The stainless steel design will easily fit in any kitchen design.